Typically, our clients seek our advice where they are contemplating a major transaction, looking to structure their business to maximise their tax position, unsure of the right tax treatment on a transaction, in the middle of a taxation dispute or needing advice to avoid a dispute, or selling or successioning a business.

You may be looking for some specific advice or simply want to talk to someone about your tax planning options. Our tax advisers are trained not only to know what the legislation says but are able to explain what it means to your business and find the best solution from not only a taxation perspective, but a commercial one too.

Structuring & Restructuring

The difficulty is knowing how to align the commercial needs of your business with its tax requirements in a way that produces the best possible result. Working with you, we can help you identify potential problems before they occur and give you a secure way of ‘test checking’ your thinking. Independent and commercially astute advice.

Whether you are:

  • Establishing a new structure;
  • Have outgrown your current structure and need to know how to deliver the best outcome;
  • Restructuring; or
  • Unwinding an existing structure and don’t want to trigger any unintended tax consequences

We can help you find the right solution not just for tax purposes but for the future of your business.

And if you need it, we can also help get you resolve existing tax problems.

South African Income Tax

The South African Revenue Services is responsible for the administration of taxes, each of these taxes have to be submitted and paid in a specific time period:

  • VAT
  • PAYE
  • SDL
  • UIF
  • Business and  Personal Income Tax

It is each taxpayers responsibility to submit the applicable tax forms on time to the South African Revenue Services. We can assist you in submitting your returns on time, as well as to structure your tax affairs in the most efficient manner.

We also provide an exceptional service in Alternate Dispute Resolution with the South African Revenue Service, in negotiating with the SARS and in settlement matters.

Why submit and pay for Income Tax

Since the South African Revenue Services implemented the New Income Tax System (NITS), it has become more important to complete the tax return correctly the first time to avoid unnecessary objections and to ensure that you receive your refund as quickly as possible.

NITS took away the human discretion and now automatically calculates penalties and interest on under payment of income tax.

ZE Financials has the skills, experience and knowledge to complete and submit your tax return correctly the first time, which will avoid delays and ensure correct assessments. We deal with the South African Revenue Services on a daily basis, and keep abreast with the changes in Income Tax.

We keep you in touch with the South African Revenue Services, which means more free time for yourself to do the things you do best.

It is in your best interest to get professionals to complete and submit your income tax returns.

Taxation Services include:

  • Completion and submission of Income Tax returns
  • Calculation of tax liability
  • Calculation and submission of Provisional tax
  • Application for extension for submission of Income Tax Returns
  • Tax Clearance Certificates for Tenders and Foreign Investment
  • Tax Directives
  • Salary Structuring
  • Income Tax Registration
  • Exemption certificate for Employee Tax
  • Application for exemption from Income Tax
  • Checking Income Tax assessments
  • Arranging deferred payments
  • Objections