ZE Financial Services provides consulting support to service organisations requiring expert assistance and subject matter leadership for their business process programmes and projects.

Business Management in Difficult Times is challenging; you need to be at the top of your game, how will you ensure your organisation is performing optimally? Want to cut costs? Cost-cutting needs to be based on real, permanent changes in the way the organisation works, not just arbitrary belt-tightening. Better yet, maintain or even increase your revenue by providing outstanding service. Either way you need to work on your processes.

The speed of business today demands that your organisation function without continual referrals up the line for direction, authorisation and approval. Your people need to be able to respond immediately with confidence – their confidence that they know the right course of action, and your confidence that they can get it right.

Effective leaders provide a business framework in which people and business partners can work efficiently and effectively, both individually and collectively, and succeed for mutual benefit. A framework comprises:

  • Goals and strategies
  • Policies
  • Organisation and culture
  • Relationship contracts and arrangements
  • Business processes
  • Roles
  • Tools
  • Systems
  • Objectives
  • Measures and incentives.

A good business framework creates an organisational environment in which people think and act for themselves, yet collaborate to achieve common goals and objectives. And the processes are the backbone.

  • Processes are how strategies are operationalised and goals are achieved
  • They guide your people as to how to get things done
  • Policy is embedded in business rules the processes use
  • Roles are defined to support process activities
  • Processes are implemented in systems that manage process flow
  • Systems report against measures and objectives
  • Processes provide relationship interfaces
  • Business processes are how the organisation gets things done


Your organisation needs integrated, organisation-wide processes, linking together the different capabilities and skills that are necessary to deliver high quality service. Processes are often built piecemeal over time, usually task by task, department by department, division by division, because that’s how the organisation is structured and managed. Because of this your organisational boundaries are getting in the way of good service and efficiency. Ask your customers, they probably know this already.