Business Strategy

Clients come to ZE Financial Services to take their businesses to next step. For many of our entrepreneurial clients we are their sounding board for future plans, fine tuning ideas and providing a reality check to identify any potential flaws.

However, more than this, we back up our strategic planning with exceptional implementation and the capacity to overlay the necessary expertise.

Succession Planning and Sale of Business

Succession planning identifies, plans for, and executes an exit strategy for your business.

Succession planning is essential for anyone who wants to realise the full value of their business. As the average age of business owners increases and more and more businesses come onto the market, the difference between a successful succession that realises the full value of the business and one that falls short of the owner’s expectations will be the planning

Strategic & Business Planning

Can you articulate your business strategy? What about your managers and your team? Most businesses don’t operate with a strategy but a series of targets – a continuation of the same goal year in and year out with some adjustments to the financial targets.

Businesses without effective strategic planning might be significantly underperforming by utilising the bulk of their resources in areas that fail to produce results, missing opportunities, being exposed to unnecessary risk, or simply growing too quickly.

Strategic planning looks at your business as an asset and how the value of that asset can be improved over time so that when you want to or have to sell, you maximise your return.

Our approach is commercially realistic and focussed on creating a viable road map and implementation path to help you attain your goals. It’s not a sit on the shelf plan or a management ritual that takes up time and is never addressed again.

Clients come to us to help them take their next step or assess the viability of their goals; in the process addressing key issues such as:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Sustainable growth
  • Performance improvement
  • Improving efficiency and outcomes
  • Moving from an idea to a vision to a reality
  • Collaboration, mergers, and engaging investors
  • Risk management and planning
  • Exit strategies