Payroll Solution

ZE Financial Service offers outsourced payroll services. We offer flexible and accurate payroll services tailored for your business requirements. ZE Financial Services also provides an effective cloud payroll service that makes payroll easy to manage and cost-effective for all businesses. By outsourcing payroll services to us, you get the flexibility to focus on core business activities while payroll professionals will ensure that you are compliant.

Our payroll solutions provide the flexibility to either keep control of your payroll and process all your payments or completely outsource your payroll to a team of payroll professionals. With both our solutions we are committed to providing you with a service that is time efficient and accurate, keeps your business compliant and empowers your staff, allowing you more time to focus on running the business.

Payroll Outsourcing

Managed Service also known as Payroll Outsourcing, has become the preferred practice in companies that strive to streamline complicated business processes and choose to focus on key business objectives. Many companies have now been moving to this solution to reduce costs and enhance profitability in the competitive business world

ZE Financial Services provides managed services for companies who are looking for a reliable Payroll / HR provider that can work collaboratively with them to manage their payroll operation and is a key part of our solution offering.

We understand that having the payroll function work is mission critical. A fully managed serviced with ZE Financial Services provides low risk, high efficiency and high performance.

Managed Service Benefits

Real Time Management – Reports can be made available to companies so that they can react to and control excessive overtime and claims. Important decisions can be made and executed in a timely fashion, reducing turnover, rehiring or retraining.

Minimise External Costs – No additional costs required for software licensing, upgrade or maintenance and licence charges for end users.

Reduce Time Consuming HR Tasks – Free your HR department of tedious and time-consuming administrative work such as data entry, data mining, matching and updating. Outsourcing reduces the burden of tight payroll deadlines and takes away operating headaches of data polling, updating, checking and backup. This in turn allows the internal HR department to focus on productive HR activities such as manpower, compensation planning and settling union grievances.

Human Resource Advisory Support

Our range of comprehensive HR solutions address the specific needs of your organisation with the single-minded goal of making it easier for you to create and manage a work environment that delivers results and sustainable commercial growth.

Our services provide insights into how well your business compares with others on various parameters and allows you to examine your organisation’s structure, recruitment, performance management, learning, benefits, HRIS systems, HR policies and procedures, employee proposition and communications processes.

We help organisations develop specific change objectives to address their problems, together with an action plan for achieving high priority goals.

Typically, we respond to business challenges in the areas listed below and depending on whether you are an overseas market entry, an SME or a large corporate, we tailor the process to meet your needs.

  • Improving the efficiency of work arrangements to engage employees
    and encourage them to work at their best
  • Adapting to rapid changes in the business
  • Compliance with workplace policies and regulations
  • Change and growth management
  • Workforce planning and restructures
  • Strategic policy development
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Learning and development
  • Leadership impact reviews
  • Management advice and support
  • Learning, recruitment and HRIS audits
  • Mentorship for junior/new HR staff
  • Workforce analysis and salary surveys

Human Resource Advisory Support

ZE Financial Services’ hosted solution is built upon removing the dependence on client-side software, equipment and support personnel. The often onerous everyday tasks for an in-house IT department are replaced by ZE Financial Services’ payroll infrastructure.

This removes the information systems burden associated with administering a payroll application internally and provides for servicing the database and software components. Our hosting model offers our clients a secure, stable environment to protect against application downtime and ensure optimum

The benefits of moving to a hosted solution:

  • Lower costs
  • No requirement to purchase hardware
  • No requirement to purchase operating system licenses
  • No specialised skills required to maintain infrastructure
  • No additional IT overhead
  • Improved efficiency
  • Access to specialised skills that are difficult and costly to maintain yourself
  • Standardised approach
  • Consistent supply over time
  • Service that is accountable

What does a hosted solution provide?

  • A fully scalable environment to deploy the ZE Financial Services HRIS
  • The full infrastructure for Payroll and HR delivery
  • The ability to schedule upgrades to fit your own schedule
  • Agreed support hours
  • High level of availability
  • Full Disaster Recovery infrastructure

Additional benefits for your business

  • Pay as you go
  • Known costs
  • No infrastructure costs
  • No technical upgrade costs
  • Disaster Recovery service included
  • Increased HR functionality – incorporated in a single database
  • Enhanced reporting across the whole organisation