Before accepting an assignment, we try to ensure that our clients will gain significant benefits and that no real barriers exist to achieving these benefits.

Our clients and our team are free to withdraw from an assignment, if circumstances make the agreed objectives unattainable.

We work closely with key members of the client organisation, building consensus at all levels. Our approach aims to build understanding and support for recommendations as they evolve. Our written reports typically contain no surprises.

We have strict policies and practices about the confidentiality of client information and any sensitive opinions expressed by individuals.

We will deliver services with predictability of outcome, predictability of cost, timing and quality. We do accounting, management, legal and software services.

We seek to solve problems jointly with our clients, not for them. Our consultants work as part of the study team thus reducing costs, enhancing commitment and developing skills. We do not believe our work is completed unless we have helped clients have impact through lasting changes.

ZE Financial Services’ operational principles reaffirm that our mean, engagements are only accepted when we are confident that opportunities for improvement exist and that success can be achieved and solutions can be implemented.

Depending on what our clients need, this means involvement in implementing the team’s recommendations. For us the engagement is only a success when benefits are achieved.

Each study is carried out by a team of one to many people with complementary skills, working closely with client executives. We know teamwork achieves results.